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  3. The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose (Hardcover)
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  5. The Journey with the Master: Into a Higher Consciousness - Eva Bell Werber - Google книги

Find out more. Valerie said: " Thank you so much dear Ouriel. John said: " Thank you very much for these words and encouragement. Wishing you a wonderful time discovering the riches of this Teaching. John said: " Yes indeed Sue, the explanations behind each of the exercises make them so much more meaningful. Sue said: " Very interesting. So, step out of your comfort zone today and you have my well wishes with you. But, how many of us hold this belief dearly in our daily lives, be it while pursuing our dreams or even achieving a new goal?

Life as we all know never ceases to throw challenges at us. There are many good Samaritans around, waiting to lend us a helping hand. For me, I grew up loving figures. I love mathematics and my calculator is the most treasured item in my pencil case. Through these simple likings, I chose to pursue the accountancy pathway.

The Work of the Master

I always envisioned myself as being in a profession relating to accountancy, be it an auditor, an accountant or even a lecturer. For that, I leave it to where my future leads me. My college life - Being around friends with the same interest, passing exams together, joining activities etc. Looking back, I would proudly say I have lived my college life to the fullest. I was lucky, I had an additional financial support from HLF. There was not a time that I would have to worry about getting a part time job to provide for my expenses.

HLF is not only generous in their financial support, but also sees the need in giving us a hands-on platform to develop our soft skills. It was a fruitful scholar experience for me, as I was given the opportunity to participate in 2 enrichment camps organized by HLF during my college time. I had a truly beautiful experience being a Hong Leong scholar, and I urge all the school leavers out there to follow your passions and believe that everything is possible.

Amelia Ng is a former Hong Leong Foundation scholar. She is currently an auditor at KPMG. To know more regarding our scholarship programmes click here. After matriculation, I choose to pursue accounting through the mainstream path which is entering the undergraduate studies. Receiving an offer letter from University of Malaya UM had brought me one step closer to my dream.

The four years in UM was a long but yet a meaningful journey for me. Having to attend classes to get an Accounting degree and at the same time building up my personality and skills was not easy but it was not that hard either. I was fortunate to not have any financial issues during these years which enabled me to fully utilize my time juggling between studies and joining activities.

The lecturers and course mates were really supportive throughout my degree years. They were always there whenever you need help in studies. Classes were fun too as you get to exchange ideas with course mates from different genders, races, and even nationalities!

As for activities, my favorite club in UM was the facilitator club where I had the chance to give back to the community especially the school students by providing guidance and inspire them to pursue their dreams. I enjoyed my time being a facilitator because of the satisfaction that I could see on their faces, the experience that I get and the sharing sessions received from them which I will not be able to get in textbooks. I am so glad that Hong Leong Foundation has given me the chance to not only succeed in achieving my dreams but also inspire me to take part in activities that which enabled me to contribute to the society.

Share your voice

If there is a will, there is a way. She is currently undertaking her ACCA.

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Being a former Foundation scholar, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Hong Leong Foundation for granting me the scholarship to complete my undergraduate study in University Science Malaysia USM. It is my honour to share my experience as a former HLF scholar. The main reason is I feel that there is a need for me to endow myself with an extra qualification and skills. It cannot be denied that being a successful accountant is my goal in my life.

Therefore, I choose to complete my last 5 paper in ACCA to mould me into the right path to become a successful future accountant.

Some approaches for configuring Master nodes

Additionally, I have a great interest to become a lecturer to share my knowledge with others. Therefore, in order for me to join the academic field, I need to possess at least a Master's degree. This is the reason why I choose to further my studies. Nowadays, most people no longer have a Plan A in planning their career path, most of us are looking to our side income or we maybe we have our own Plan B.

The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose (Hardcover)

Hence, joining the academic line is not only my plan B but it is also my passion as well. I started my graduate course two months ago. The Master's programme that I have enrolled in is fully on research. It is with abject trepidation that I begin my Masters dissertation. Obviously it is a puny document in comparison to a PhD thesis, but it is significantly longer than any piece of academic writing I have attempted thus far and therefore more than a little daunting.

Journey to DreamHack Masters - Episode 3 - The Conclusion

A graduate course is a big transition from an undergraduate course. Every Master's student will have one supervisor who will supervise, inspire and help the students in completing their thesis. We would also have to update our work progress to our supervisor at least once a week. If during my research, I am faced with any doubt or problem, I need to raise the issue and discuss it with my supervisor. This also happens vice versa in the event if my supervisor finds any problems in my research as my supervisor will discuss it with me. My experience this far has deepen my knowledge on how the use of financial derivatives is affecting the earning management practices among Malaysian listed companies.

This thrust area is something new that I cannot learn from a textbook.

See a Problem?

By being involved in this research, I have the opportunity to understand how Malaysia listed companies are using financial derivative to affect the earning volatility. It is also a pleasant experience as I had the chance to enhance my soft skills especially in learning how to communicate verbally or written and share my information with my other course mates and supervisor. Throughout my two months of studies, I realized that time management is very important to me.

I planned to complete my ACCA within 2 years in line with my master study. Apart from that, I perceived that self-motivation is one of the vital factor for those who wish to pursue postgraduate study as we have to plan all the thing by ourselves. In preparation for the move up to doctoral study and research, self-motivation provides the backbone of a postgraduate degree that would aid you choose to go into it. I did not find it difficult per say, but it did challenge me to remember many vocabulary and mathematical concepts that biology students usually forget after freshman year.

Overall, it was definitely a challenge for me to reroute my plans and thought process. Here I was, an individual who was adamantly set on going to medical school, and I now had to detour my focus. Regardless, I decided to persevere and do everything to get accepted to at least one university. To my amazement, I was accepted to four of the five schools to which I applied.

I made this decision because of the excellent program at TSU and the location as well. Not only do I love Nashville and the South in general, but a majority of the medical schools I wish to attend are located in the surrounding states.

The Journey with the Master: Into a Higher Consciousness - Eva Bell Werber - Google книги

My graduate education is helping me increase my knowledge and prepare for my future. I have also begun research at my university which will strengthen my applications further. My professors are very friendly and excellent at providing me with instruction in the biological field. However, I understand that God has a plan for my life, and His plan is always perfect. As long as I continue to work hard and trust Him, I will one day get to where I need to be.

He comes from a family of Romanians and is fluent in both English and Romanian.