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Those looking for entertainment will certainly find it with Oneiros - Phantastik-news.

Urban Dictionary: Oneiros

Recommended reading for all thriller fans - Papiergefluster. Markus Heitz studied history and German language and literature at university before turning to writing.

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His debut novel Schatten uber Ulldart the first in a series of epic fantasy novels won the Deutscher Phantastik Preis German Fantasy Award in , and was followed by his bestselling Dwarves and the tie-in Aelfar series, which have made him one of Germany's - and Europe's - most successful fantasy authors. He currently lives in Zweibrucken, Germany.

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Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Erlking

Clegry of Oneiros exceeded my expectations, though, as it's a very good and varied ambient album with many sounds and unique atmospheres. The album starts with the calm "Somnivore", a long track with a slow development. New things bells, effects, samples, etc.

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The second song is rather short, and it contains whispers and short repeating melody, which is deformed at the end of the track. It contains elements of noise, repeating low bells, echoes of conversations and a strange melody, which loops until the music fades into a calm background with whispered voice.

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The last two tracks are slightly different. Especially in the beginning, the song has something stately about it, and it makes me think of an abandoned monastery, or an old temple in a forest, now overgrown with plants and moss. Further along in the track, the rhythm changes and it ends with different kinds of bells. Very worthwhile.