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When the two young people meet, they are both attracted to each other.

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Then something happens that forces both of them to reconsider their life, their situation, and their faith. How will Sarah keep the farm her grandfather has worked for all his life? How will Aaron deal with his growing feelings for Sarah and the Amish way? And most of all, how will the two young people ever be able to build a future together?

Rachel Yoder Story Collection 2--Growing Up

Get From Amazon. Sarah Miller finds herself lying on the ground outside a farm. But when John is seriously hurt in an accident, Martha has no way to pay for the surgeries he needs in order to walk again. The official courting season has ended, snow is falling, and Mary has a dream.

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Amish schoolteacher Esther Miller is a year-old widow without children, who gets a chance of starting a family by adopting newly-orphaned Nathan and Emily. Amish fiction brings plain values and lessons to our life. Wanda E. Brunstetter wanted children to be able to experience these stories as well.

Your children will enjoy the stories of twins Mark and Mattie, the lively Rachel Yoder and wise Solomon!

Rachel Yoder – Green Promise Grows

Double Trouble Book 1: What a Pair! Twins Mattie and Mark Miller are as different as night and day. Mattie loves dogs; Mark loves cats. Mattie is serious; Mark is a practical joker Whether they're experiencing jealousy over new shoes Will Rachel ever learn to be content? Eleven-year-old Rachel Yoder encounters trouble at every turn with her Amish friends and family when she spreads unintentional rumors as a result of her eavesdropping.

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  • From a little misunderstanding about Cousin Mary moving back to town. Will she ever learn that assumptions often have hurtful consequences? Rachel's not enjoying her school year - there are so many other things she'd rather be doing than schoolwork!

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    • As she shirks her responsibilities, Rachel encounters everything from cows escaping the pasture to an overflowing sink, dirty sheets, and rotten eggs. Rachel wants to be all grown up, but she's having a hard time accepting the responsibility that goes with it.

      Will she ever learn the value of growing up into a dependable adult?


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