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I will admit to being confused with the abrupt decisions Candace made toward the end of the book. However, Brian more than made up for that issue. I couldn't help but fall completely and utterly in love with him. He is the reason I gave this book 4 stars. View all 23 comments. Feb 29, Leslie rated it really liked it. I gave this story four stars not because it was sexy as all get out, or because the hero, "Brian" was a "tatted-up" alpha-male, I gave it four stars because this well written story earned them.

I read several reviews after I finished this book, and a lot of people loved Brian, but more of them really disliked the heroine, Candace. I have to say, I was actually quite surprised by this. Let me explain why: Candace and Brian came from affluent familes, although Brian had become somewhat of a black- I gave this story four stars not because it was sexy as all get out, or because the hero, "Brian" was a "tatted-up" alpha-male, I gave it four stars because this well written story earned them.

Let me explain why: Candace and Brian came from affluent familes, although Brian had become somewhat of a black-sheep; due to his personal preferences on his outward appearence. Let's face it, tattoos, aren't necessarily "taboo" any longer, but visible body piercings haven't entirely found their place in the "acceptable" concensus. That being said, I admired Brian for his "make no apologies" appearance and I thought he was adorable! Candace, on the otherhand, was controlled by her parents' need for good social position and also their need for her to find the right "kind" of perfect man.

To say nothing of the overwhemlingly sheltered life she was forced to live and the fact that she was a 23 year old a virgin. Candace understandably waffled back and forth with the knowledge that she loved Brian, but also, not wanting to disappoint her parents - being with someone who might embarrass them.

When Candace took some time away from Brian so she could think, I cannot tell you how much I admired her strength in taking that step back; if nothing else than to be sure that Brian wasn't some kind of rebellion against her parents. I've known many women who would no more give themselves a well-timed "selfish" break; but would blindly dive-in head first and become co-dependent as soon as "any" man proclaimed their undying love!!

This story wasn't a light, airy read, it was heavy in places where it needed to be, which in my opinion, made it much more believeable. I've come to the understanding in life that if you stay in a relationship or decide to get out, you must earn it - either way. Having regret is the worst way to live a life; making sure it's the right choice, equals happiness forever Thank you to my GR friend, Daphne, for the loan! View all 32 comments.

Apr 08, D. Shelves: contemporary-romance , steamy , reviewed. What a stupid, immature, moody child! She definitely doesn't qualify as a woman in my eyes. Candace is 23 going on She has a very protective parents who control where she goes to college, scare everybody she dates and support her financially in every way. However, Candace just bitches about it, does nothing and allows her parents to even pick her friends. Enter Brian, the hot tattoo artist. This is a man her cousin had dated and Candace always loved. To celebrate her 23rd birthday, Candace decides to get a tattoo in a place where her parents can't see, of course!

Some spoilers Thus starts a relationship where Candace is constantly running hot and cold. She begs him to relieve her of her virginity but freaks out when her Mom almost find them together. Then she stalks him when she sees him with a woman friend and dresses provocatively to supposedly tell him that nothing can happen between them. Have you a heard a bigger bunch of self-sacrificing drivel?

One Direction - Rock Me (Official Video)

But you know what's her problem? She wants to have her cake and eat it too! She wants to have her man without any problems with her parents. At the end, Brian is the one that does everything! Psycho controlling parents don't become sweet and caring in a couple of weeks. The best part of the book was Brian's apadravya that's a genital piercing. Needless to say, don't Google this at work! Sep 20, Syndi rated it liked it. This is my first read by this author.

And with so many good reviews from goodreads i thought i give it a try. While listening to the audiobook, i am conflicting my connection toward Candace. I do get her. Living under strict family where her mother is the dragon lady. I get it that she has no self esteem deciding her own life. I do get it all. But her character does not develop into a strong fearless woman. But into selfish, demanding and immature woman. I am sure the author wants her character This is my first read by this author. I am sure the author wants her character to be a positive development.

So thats where my conflict is. The story itself is pretty standard. Nothing new. Brad is also typical hero who is brooding. Even Brad can not save Candace. I do enjoy this book OK despite Candace. The sex is pretty hot. Anything else is just standard. View 1 comment. Oct 09, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

I was just looking back at the last dozen books I've read I've had this book for quite a while, and had heard only great things about it. Brian Ross comes from the right family from the right part of town, but he's all wrong He is 27 and the youngest sibling in the Ross family, and falls outside the norm of young urban professionals in his age group.

Brian is an artist. A tattoo artist actually. He is also a canvas He is very talented, passionate, and successful in his business. He is also hot, as in the sexy bad boy variety. And he has caught Candace Andrews eye. He dated her cousin Michelle for a while, which is how they met Candace Andrews is 23, and just finishing up her degree. She is blonde and beautiful, she's smart and energetic, and has everything in life going for her, except for her overbearing, controlling family. And I do not exaggerate.

Her family has chased off every potential suitor she's had up to this point. She is still a virgin at 23, and not seeing an end to the dry streak she's seen in her love life up till now. So, she decides to get a tattoo.

Rock Me! for Solo Saxophone | Barry Cockcroft

A tattoo that her mother will never see, say, maybe in a private spot, only she can see. And of course the one who puts it there What a great way to connect with him again, now that he's single. And the story takes off from here. The story is very sweet. Candace falls hard for Brian, almost on sight She knows her family would flip if she was seeing him, but she can't seem to stay away.

Brian on the other hand is a little harder to read. He is definitely happy to see Candace in his shop But he is wary at first about any connection between them And he He gets her number.. The romance is HOT! He, of course is shocked at her virginal status which puts his feelings at a whole new level, and she's pushing hard to rectify that little bump in the road!!

They move fast, but Brian slows it down a bit But all is not well.. Brian and Candace face almost impossible odds with the family dynamics, and their relationship takes several major hits its the process.. OK I'm spoiling I highly recommend this book!!! Here is how I see them..

Brian Ross.. View all 24 comments. I loved the premise of it, loved the hero, Brian. Totally swoon-worthy. But what a fucking crappy heroine. Oh my god. Candace was such a pushover, pain in the ass, little bitch. I don't know how he did it, I personally would have given up on her a long time ago. Still, I liked the writing style and I will definitely give the next one a chance! View all 3 comments. Nov 21, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: loved-loved-loved-it , all-time-favorites , tattooed-pierced-hotties. I am giving this 5 stars for the penis piercings alone!! Seriously, this was a Fantastic read, I am so in love with Brian, in all his tattooed and pierced glory!!

But aside from his total hotness, he is an incredible man. I knew I'd love him when I got meet him in Unleashed, and although at first I thought Candace an unlikely match for him I now see the error of my ways and I loved her almost as much!! I need to thank my GR friends for introducing me to Cherrie Lynn, I can't wait for mor I am giving this 5 stars for the penis piercings alone!! I need to thank my GR friends for introducing me to Cherrie Lynn, I can't wait for more incredible reads from her!!

View all 16 comments.

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Dec 19, Beverly rated it really liked it. It absolutely loved it. At times it made me crazy, but overall a fantastic read. So glad I finally got around to reading this one! Thanks bestie! View 2 comments. Aug 16, Katie rated it did not like it Shelves: romance. One star may seem harsh, because I did actually manage to finish it, but on a basic level, it was pretty weak, even for a fluffy romance novel. Candace was one of the most insufferable characters I have encountered in a while. It seems like she was constantly crying about something, and she seemed more like a sheltered 13 year old than even a sheltered 24 year old.

It was clear what she saw in Brian he seemed like a great guy , but I couldn't figure out what he was getting out of this relations One star may seem harsh, because I did actually manage to finish it, but on a basic level, it was pretty weak, even for a fluffy romance novel. It was clear what she saw in Brian he seemed like a great guy , but I couldn't figure out what he was getting out of this relationship, besides a massive headache.

The plot was extremely choppy - with the characters running hot and cold, and Candace fluctuating between declaring her love one minute and heading for the hills the next minute. It felt like she was constantly making weird decisions just to create drama, which made it hard to really buy into it at all.

The sexy parts were pretty sexy, but probably would have been hotter if she wasn't quite so virginal. Jun 10, Susan rated it it was ok. Candace and Brian had a sweet attraction to each other though, it bordered unhealthy think 1-step down from "Beautiful Disaster" and it seemed almost solely based on sex time. No freaking person I konw has one and hasn't had one since the early '90s No way, nuh uh. I kid you not! If I didn't know better meaning, I don't know any man named Cherrie I might have thought this was written by a man View all 10 comments.

Oct 30, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-fav , series. Nov 18, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: steamy-hot-romance-comtemp , recommended , favorites , ebook-kindle. I forgot how awesome Brian was in this book. MMMM so good! Actually he my be number one in my tattooed, brooding, exceptionally hot alpha male category. This authors writing style reminds me a lot of Lauren Dane's. This is a great face paced story. I only wish WOW!!! I only wish we could've gotten some sort of an epilogue.


But as long as Ms. Lynn cranks out another fanfreakingtastic book number three, I can wait for my fix to catch up with Brian and Candace.

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View all 19 comments. Jul 27, Stacia the club rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-book-guys , romantica-or-erotica , adult , contemporary-romance , frustrating. When someone recommended this book about a fun-loving, bad-boy tattoo shop owner, it was hard to pass up.

Reading this took me back in time, when life was just about having fun and enjoying the moment. For a steamy book, it was well done. There was more plot than porn. The whiplash indecision of the heroine did annoy me over and over, but Brian was so incredible, he sort of buffered her behavior.

I didn't want the hero to fall so hard so fast, but what do you do? He went from lusting after her to When someone recommended this book about a fun-loving, bad-boy tattoo shop owner, it was hard to pass up. He went from lusting after her to considering kids way too soon. Brian is incredible. View all 4 comments. Nov 18, Teryl rated it really liked it Shelves: rating-r , sony-kobo , read-in If anything, read this book for Brian.

I mean what's not to like, multiple tattoos and piercings : As for Candace, I liked her and didn't like her throughout the book. The thing I disliked about her was her back and forth back and forth.

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  5. She said she loved Brian, but then said she didn't know if she could be with him. My god woman Grow Up! This book was both sweet and hot. Jun 10, Dee rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , 1 , also-book , erotic-romance , book. I was glad to get to the end of this book. There is only one reason that I did finish it and that is because of Brian. Candace was 23, Living in a flat that was leased and paid for by her parents, they also paid her college tuition and financially supported her. Right from the start Candance behaved like a teenage school girl and her friends weren't much better either!

    Rock Me Like the Ocean

    Candace had fallen in love with Brian when he had been her cousin's boyfriend but she hadn't seen him since they broke up. She had decided to rebel against her parents and get a tattoo but of course it had to be well below the panty line so that it could never be seen so I really couldn't work out how she thought she was rebelling as they would never know that she had it!

    So she goes to Brian's tattoo parlour in hopes that he will be there and of course he is and that is how the beginning of their relationship starts. Candace is completely controlled by her mother and family and it seems that they only treat her like a complete doormat and they would never approve of her having a relationship with a bad boy like Brian so she thinks the best way is to sneak around so that they don't find out.

    All the way through I was wondering where on earth Candace's backbone was because she was a complete and utter wimp and allowed her family to manipulate and control her by emotional blackmail. The mother also financially blackmailed her by refusing to pay her rent or college fees unless she was a good girl and did what she was told but of course it never occurred to candace to do what most people in this world have to do to get by and that is to get a job!!

    About three quarters of the way through the book it seemed that Candace had finally developed a backbone but it very quickly disappeared again as she was prepared to allow her family to control her and force her to walk away from Brian. It was obvious that Candace's family didn't really care much about her feelings as they knew that she loved Brian and that he loved her but they just didn't want riff raff like him in their family!

    Instead of standing up to them and trying to come to some sound of understanding or compromise she allowed them to treat her like a doormat again. Brian was the only redeeming factor in this book and only reason I rated it 2 stars and not 1 and I loved him but I really couldn't understand why he wanted such a wimp of a woman who obviously didn't love him enough to try and fight for him.

    He deserved a woman who would love him and stand by him through thick and thin and I don't think that was Candace and I really don't buy into them getting a HEA!

    Rock Me To Sleep, Mother

    I know that a lot of reviewers loved this book but sadly I am not one of them as it really wasn't my cup of tea. View all 5 comments. Apr 10, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-ve-read , counting-bys , april Candace and Brian are from two different worlds. She's the good girl whose parents dictate her life and he's the bad boy who owns a Tattoo Parlor. Her family doesn't like him and comes between them to break them up.

    Candace and Brian find themselves fighting for a relationship that her family thinks will fail. After completing this story I went back and reread A Very Naughty Xmas which is novella about their Christmas a year and half after this book. Kara, thank 4. Kara, thank you for introducing me to your book boyfriend. View all 34 comments. About so now i like this song a little bit less now.

    This song is about teenagers. I saw the interpretation at wikipedia and watched the video. To the 11 year old kid who made a recent comment.. Hey kid, you know a lot even if you don't how you know this.. I really have no idea about the personal lives of this band. Not all teenage guys lose their virginity, there are a lot of teenage guys who still wait until they get married. Anyway, I'm not sure kid if you are a boy or a girl. I think you are too young to still be awake. You should go to bed early because you are still growing.

    When you grow old you can sleep less than hours but for now sleep a lot. I believe you are too young to browse this site and too young to think about this kind of song. I'm not going to lie I'm 11 and it's A. It's about how Liam losing his virginity in '09 at the age of But I wonder why they had Niall singing the"Rock me. And probably will be until he gets married. Don't know how I know this It's about Liam flicking a girl on a nude beach I mean it's not that hard to figure it out but it is very hard to believe that Liam had sex in front of that many people right any way rock me means fuck me hit the pedal heavy medal mean hit the spot and fuck me hard I heard that he said she really sucked his dick and put it up her ass and pussy.

    Its all about sex and doing it to her harder and we all know, one direction is acquainted with the illuminati.

    Rock Me (One Direction song)

    I mean I'm only 11 but I know A lot about illuminati. I know all the sign language, baphomet, the antichrist, and the upside down star, I know it all but I have seven year old sister listening listening to this song and I showed my mom the meaning but she dosent believe me so my sister is just singing along with it. This song is about when Liam lost is virginity to this girl named Sasha back in Sense there are younger kids in this fandom the changed it too 'I want you to rock me' all the little kids are just dancing and the older kids are blushin and screaming like crazy. Yea when I first heard "rock me I thought of sex the type of music they use and the rock me part I definitely thought of sex its quite obvious.

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