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  2. Why pigs in blankets are the food fad that will be everywhere this Christmas
  3. MP blasted after plea to halt mine
  4. Ježíšek vs Grandfather Frost and Santa Claus

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Send your stories and photos now. Continue reading. Kind gestures made to Thomas Cook staff. Family discover their uncle's tragic fate during the war. New head chef for Lakes hotel. Motorists warned to drive with care on M6 after two separate incidents. And the woman is the only person who can get up from the table and make the meal or get more food. So, for starters, the Christmas table itself should be set for an even number of guests.

An odd number brings bad luck — or even death. Once you do sit down, no one should have their back to the door. After the meal, everyone should rise from the table at the same time — stuffed to the gills, as you should leave nothing on your plate. And any leftovers should be buried in an orchard to ensure the trees bear fruit. Photo: archive of Radio Prague One sure-fire way to the predict future is to make boats from empty walnut shells for everyone, into which a lit candle is placed before they set sail in a bowl of water. If the shell makes it across the bowl, a long and healthy life lies ahead of its captain.

Any shell that sinks signals is a bad omen. But she lived for another twenty years.

Singing Pig Songs - Pet Potbellied Pigs sing Old Favourites & Christmas Carols

Anyway, we just forbid this. After Christmas dinner, everyone who was present at the meal should cut an apple in half crosswise, from the stem down. If the core is shaped like a star, you all will meet again next year in happiness and health.

A four-pointed cross is a bad omen which means — no prizes for guessing! How do you predict the future — how do you know which shape is good and which shape is bad? Maybe luck? The arrival of the Baby Jesus is signalled by the tinkling of a bell, which triggers a disorderly retreat from the dinner table by children of all ages. Many families, whether religious or not, will at some point go to a church service, whether a midnight mass on the 24th of December, or on Christmas Day itself.

Speaking of Christmas Day, virtually anything goes when it comes to the family meal. Those with means can happily have a roast duck or goose, whatever they like, really. The 25th of December transpires much as it does in the West, minus Santa Claus. A large roast bird usually takes centre stage, as it were. Either we have turkey, which is much leaner, or goose or duck. Duck in particular we consume with dumplings and sauerkraut. But even cabbage can be eaten.

Why pigs in blankets are the food fad that will be everywhere this Christmas

Because there are several types of this cabbage, right? The fermented sauerkraut. But also the white or red cooked, chopped cabbage. Sometimes chefs or housewives even put apples in instead of stuffing, so it is much lighter. Turkey is usually accompanied by a good quality stuffing. You can use liver and kidneys and so on as ingredients. Whereas Christmas Day people can make different choices….

And from the point-of-view of children Christmas Eve is the highlight of the whole celebration, because presents are given out. So next morning, the children are up early playing with the toys they received and so on. And everyone is enjoying themselves, relaxing a little, and then preparing Christmas lunch. After which everyone has had enough for the rest of the day!

MP blasted after plea to halt mine

In centuries past, Czechs used to eat more fruit at Christmas to symbolise that God gave humankind his most noble fruit, Jesus Christ. Cookies were used more to decorate the Christmas tree, especially in more modest families, and children allowed to eat them from the branches after the holy day itself. This is one Czech tradition that seems in no danger of fading away. Of course.

We make gingerbread, and the grandmas make the others. We only have one kind. My mom is too lazy to make anything else. Czechia is where East meets West. Joy Bellefontaine is Acadian French and proud of it, but having married a Czech husband and living in the Czech Republic for nearly….

Ježíšek vs Grandfather Frost and Santa Claus

Lodged just before Christmas, December 22nd may at first seem a rather unremarkable day. However, it marks the anniversary of the first….

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Prague to buy dozens of intersections to improve traffic flow in the city. Czech Radio survey: The life of the wealthy upper middle class. MENU Toggle navigation. Subscribe to RSS. Download: MP3. The Holy Trinity is quite explainable to me. I imagine you have foreign friends? So, you could keep the fast. Do you make the traditional carp and potato salad? So, we eat chicken steak — and the salad, yeah.