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  1. Thinking Critically About Personnel
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  4. 10 Basic Rules of Critical Business Thinking and Problem Solving

Below are the steps involved in critical thinking:. As an employer, you will look for critical thinkers as they will be able to develop innovative solutions that will set you apart from your competition and help the business be more competitive. No matter what position you are looking to fill, from an intern to mail room staff to a top-level executive to IT managers, critical thinkers can positively impact the business because they are problem solvers.

You may have a skilled team in place, but unless the leaders possess critical thinking skills, you may be lacking. Often training your team can help them gain this important skill, which in turn will help your organization.

Thinking Critically About Personnel

As indicated, the IT industry is dependent on critical thinkers. Many IT certifications include critical thinking skill building curriculums.

The power of critical thinking in business by Dileepa Wanniarachchi in Kuala Lampur

This enables IT professionals to manage complex networks, implement new ideas and manage numerous enterprise environments at the same time, keeping them running at top performance and secure. Connect with us today to learn more about how to get training for all of your employees! Infotec is a nationally recognized leader empowering customers with world-class information technology training and certification.

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Infotec not only provides training classes, but creates solutions for clients, helping them instill efficiency while meeting certification requirements. Dec 05, By admin Professional Development 0 comments. What is Critical Thinking? Below are the steps involved in critical thinking: Identify the Situation: The first thing you need to do is identify the issue or situation and the factors that can influence it.

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  7. Once identified, you will be able to look more deeply into the situation and possible solutions. Conduct the Appropriate Research : It is critical to know everything you can about the situation, both positive and negative.

    Articles on Critical Thinking in Financial Accounting

    This is important to be able to make a final evaluation. Identify Biases: This is an important, yet difficult skill. You must be able to recognize biases and set aside your own. In the USA, this week of July 4 th is much like the first week in January where many business professionals take some time after a major holiday to reflect back and look ahead. For business leaders focused on learning from the challenges of the first half of the year so they are able to produce the results needed for the second half, they will be thinking about the business skills needed to close the business gaps and the skills needed when hiring and onboarding new talent.

    But what are the gaps and how do they close them?


    How Leaders Should Think Critically

    The reason I like this survey so much is that it takes an unbiased perspective of the US market from experts outside of the US market. Chocked full of valuable data and insights, there is one question which I think is appropriate to visit this week and that is:. During this week of reflection and looking forward to the rest of the year, I offer 10 basic rules that drive and support critical business thinking and problem solving that are appropriate for all levels of the business from new hires to executive leaders of businesses. Before I provide the 10 basic rules of critical business thinking and problem solving, let me offer a definition of what I think it is.

    Critical business thinking is the use of information gathered in a journey to execute a business strategy to arrive at the best conclusion and decision for the business.

    English for Critical Thinking in Business Contexts

    Everything on this list is considered a must and if you are serious about building skills around critical thinking and problem solving in yourself and in your organization, they should be non-negotiable. We live in an age if infinite information. Everyone in a business environment should scan their business ecosystem through the information gathering from reliable and relevant sources of information. This includes general news, business news, industry news, and digital sources such as groups, and experts. Critical thinking and problem solving starts with aggressive preparation which means thinking about thinking and making sure possibilities are covered and all sources of information have been used appropriately to prepare for a day, week, month, year, and all activities.

    Aggressive preparation is the foundation for executing plans through proactive planning and to-do lists that are realistic. By proactively planning and being in control of information and situations, the focus can be on the tasks at hand which should be the things necessary to execute the business strategy. First of all, put the smartphone AWAY!

    10 Basic Rules of Critical Business Thinking and Problem Solving

    Put it in your pocket. Unless you are in a critical position like sales or customer service where the execution of your strategy relies on your immediate reaction, put it AWAY. Be present and focus. Nobody can think critically if half their attention is on a leaderboard on buzzfeed. After you put your phone away, then listen and learn.