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In post-revolution Iran , Roksana Bahramitash was working on improving peasant women's literacy and access to economic development resources. She was placed second in nationwide Iranian University entrance exams, and attended Universities in Iran where she earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Sociology. Bahramitash eventually settled in Montreal, Canada as a citizen, where she has done post-doctoral work at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, at Concordia University in Montreal [4] and Simon Fraser University.

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Bahramitash has also held lecturing and research positions at McGill and Concordia Universities, and the University of Montreal. She is the producer of a documentary film entitled Beyond the Bourqa , a documentary film made about women's changing lives during the War in Afghanistan.

Bahramitash is the winner of the Aileen D. Ross award —04 for her focus on women and poverty in the Middle East. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Women’s Economic Empowerment – A Key Goal for Myanmar

Roksana Bahramitash. The organization has helped victims of domestic violence like Sathiya Sundari, who lives in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. When she left an abusive relationship, she found herself with no means of support. The campaign raised the money she needed in just six days in Unequal education is another major barrier. The literacy rate for Indian women is 64 percent, compared with 82 percent for men.

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Meghna Saraogi, who lives in New Delhi, is one of them. She runs a fashion app called StyleDotMe, whose users upload photos of themselves trying on various outfits and get feedback from other users in real time. She recalls her experience seeking start-up capital in the mostly male world of technology. Of the 10, deals they review each year, fewer than a third are brought by women, Ruparel says.

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Still, there are signs of progress in the technology sphere. IAN, for example, has seen the proportion of pitches from women rise from 10 percent four years ago to 30 percent today. Low female participation in public life may help explain the persistence of formal and informal barriers. Women accounted for just 19 percent of ministerial positions in India and 12 percent of members of Parliament as of January , putting it in th place among jurisdictions tracked by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Women often lack the knowledge and skills to tap opportunities, says Chetna Sinha, founder of the Mann Deshi Foundation.

To help fill that gap, the foundation runs a help line for women entrepreneurs and organizes mentorship programs.

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Counselors at the bank encouraged her to take a one-year business course.